Scouting & Planning for Star, Milky Way and Night Sky Photography – Free Video Series

Ready to take your night sky photography to the next level? Provided below is my free three part video series on scouting and planning for Milky Way, star & night sky photography.

These video tutorials are a great supplement to the Free Milky Way and Star Trail Photography Tutorials contained on this website. You can also find a bunch of other great information in both of the links noted above. I also provide a Free Star Trails Post Processing Video Tutorial and Milky Way Post Processing Video Tutorials for all of you Photoshop and Lightroom users out there!

Learn how I scouted & planned for this exact shot and many more.

Scroll down & watch the videos!
Check out my FREE Star Photography Tutorial  and  Star Photography Post Processing Video Tutorial  Ready to learn star photography? My summer star photography workshop schedule for 2014 is now up and running.Under the Stars Night Photography Workshops

Make sure to check out the video notes which are provided below each video ( on YouTube ) for free eBooks, links and other helpful information which are mentioned in the tutorial. 

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It also contains detailed information & video tutorials on composition, scouting, planning & weather, as well as many other skill sets which apply to landscape photography.

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Part 1 – Moon Phase, Dark Skies & Weather

Part II – The Photographer’s Ephemeris & Google Earth

Part III – Stellarium

Become Your Dreams – Olympic National Park, Washington

It’s great to be back with a new blog post for you all. With the launch of my How to Photograph the Northern Lights Tutorial & Star Photography Photoshop Actions & Luminosity Channels it’s been an insane past 2 months.

My goal as always is to bring you all top notch content from all aspects of landscape, night and star photography! Do you have any comments or suggestions on new tutorials you would like to see on this website? Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

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Let’s Get to It!

For anyone that missed it I made a free tutorial for you all. It will show you how to post process / edit your Northern Lights photos from start to finish in Lightroom & Photoshop.

Fresh out of some amazing hikes in the Pacific Northwest, winter is quickly approaching which means awesome snowshoeing and travels abroad.

Recently we spent some time in the Enchantments of Washington State. This place is unreal! I’d highly suggest it to anyone that wants to escape reality for a week. We spent 5 days out here exploring, hiking and taking photos!

Taken on a 5 day backpacking trip in fall of 2014.
Paul Weeks Shooting in the Enchantments of Washington State


The Shot

This is one of my favorite spots to shoot on the Olympic Peninsula. You can camp here, or even better hike up the beach for days without seeing a soul. The Wild Coast as they call it has is very remote once you get out there a day or two. It also has some really nice easy to access locations for day trippers.
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Dave’s Star Photography Photoshop Actions, Luminosity Channels & Bonus Video Tutorial

Using 100+ Star Photography Photoshop Actions & Luminosity Channels you can quickly and easily get great results, and learn the adjustments,tools & techniques used to get them. I use these actions to edit each one of my star photos & can’t wait for you to try them as well!

Watch Me Edit Two Photos Using the Actions Below

As a free & added bonus you’ll also receive an in-depth video tutorial showing you exactly how to use the actions, some of my favorite post processing tricks, a copy of my Under the Stars Lightroom 4 & 5 Presets, and much more.
Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug
Edited Using the Actions in the Video Below

Watch the Video

What You’ll Receive with Your Actions Download

There are 3 different package options provided below containing some great offers!

If you have any other questions please reference the FAQ Section provided below.

All purchases can be made using credit / debit card, or PayPal after selecting your package of choice below. All transactions are carried out through Secure PayPal Services.

110% Money Back Guarantee. You’ll love this product or I’ll pay you for trying it!

Instant Email Delivery Upon Purchase

The Basic Package – 15$

What You Receive with Your Download

  • 86 Star Photography Photoshop Actions
  • Dave’s Unique Star Photography Luminosity Channels

Bonus Material

  • 25 Bonus Star Photography Photoshop Actions

   The Apprentice Package – 25$ 

 This package contains everything you will need to become a master of the night skies! Powerful & Easy to Use, You’ll get great results on your first try!

What You Receive with Your Download

  •  All Items in the Basic Package + the following.
  • 30+ minute in-depth video tutorial showing you how to use the actions. I’ll also show you some of my favorite post processing tricks & techniques which I use to edit my photos. We will edit 3 different photos in the tutorial using the actions.

Bonus Material

The Ultimate Package – 40$

If you’re a beginner at Photoshop I provide a bonus Photoshop Basics – Layer Masking Video Tutorial as part of this package, so you’ll have everything you need.

No matter your skill level this package has you covered with over 100 Actions & 50 Minutes of in-depth video instruction.

What You Receive with Your Download

  • All Items in the Apprentice Package + The following.
  • Additional 20+ Minute Video Tutorial showing you how to use the Star Photography Luminosity Channels in your own workflow. This video contains concepts that are unique and can’t be found anywhere else online. I’ve created & perfected these unique luminosity channels over the past 2 years of post processing star photos. They are the most powerful star photography tool out there! Effective & Powerful, yet easy to use, You’re going to love them!

Bonus Material

More Info & F.A.Q Below the Next Photo

Another Photo Edited with Dave’s Star Photography Actions

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Do I need to have any Photoshop experience to effectively use these actions?

Answer: No, you can be a beginner opening Photoshop for the first time and get great results with these actions. You can also be an intermediate or expert Photoshop user and get just as much out of the actions.

I’ve designed them allowing beginners to get great results with the click of a button, intermediate users can tweak and adjust the different user input settings to get desired results of their own, and experts can use the included luminosity channels actions to adjust the settings even more for complete over all control of their photos.

Not only will you get great results, you’ll also learn the tricks I use to get these results within Photoshop!

Question: Which version of Photoshop is required for the actions?

Answer: You can use and install these actions on Photoshop CS3 & newer, including Photoshop Creative Cloud. These actions will not work with Photoshop Elements.

Question: Why would I want to purchase actions?

Answer: When You edit / post process star photos, there are certain tasks which are done on a consistent basis, such as increase the contrast or brightness of just the Milky Way or stars, selectively add color, contrast, glow, or saturation, apply noise reduction, and many other techniques.

Although these tasks are easy to say, they take 5-10 different selections or clicks of a button within Photoshop to complete. This can really destroy your artistic process.

Using these Photoshop actions you can perform these same tasks with just one click of a button and get great results every time. This allows the you to concentrate more on your artistic workflow and less on the actual labor of performing these tasks. Keep in mind, you can adjust each action to suit your exact needs if required!

Question: What is the difference between Dave’s Star Photography Post Processing Video Tutorial & Dave’s Star Photography Photoshop Actions & Bonus Video Tutorial contained on this page?

Answer: I recorded my Star Photography Post Processing Video Tutorial in early 2014 & still use the exact same skill sets taught within the video.

As I continued to improve my workflow with the use of Photoshop Channels and Actions it was necessary to provide my Star Photography Photoshop Actions & Bonus Video Tutorial which teaches my most up to date methods of post processing. This is an additive video.

Each of these videos can be watched alone, or combined for a unique, powerful and easy to learn workflow!

By mastering the skill sets taught in both video tutorials you will be able to see the exact skills I use to edit photos of the Night Sky. Each set of tutorials are unique and don’t provide overlapping information!

Over all the Star Photography Post Processing Video Tutorials teach very technical Photoshop skill sets which are imperative to know, while the Star Photography Photoshop Actions & Bonus Video Tutorial are not as technical, but do provide a very easy to implement workflow for any level of photographer.