As the World Falls Down Around Me – Seattle, WA

Every afternoon as the day creeps towards sunset I find myself wondering if I should go out and take some pictures. The same happens in the early hours of the morning when I’m awake. Sometimes this  nagging feeling that can only be destroyed by making moves…. so on most nights I go out and try to capture something cool.

The Shot
Here is a unique capture of a random man sitting and watching the sunset over the water.

As the World Falls Around Mefrom

Here Today, Gone Tomorrow – Seattle, WA

I have a pretty solid urge to head out and shoot on the Olympic Peninsula this weekend. The rain forest is always an amazing place to wander or snap off some shots. There is one lonely spot left in my Online Star Photography Post Processing Group Workshop who wants it?

The Shot
Here is another shot from one of my fav locations, the Seattle Waterfront.

Here Today, Gone Tomorrow

Sunset 473 – Seattle Waterfront

There are days when I could write forever and others where there just isn’t much to say. On the other hand I just got a massive amount of photography tutorial work done today, so don’t count it against me:)

The Shot
It’s fun to find a picture sitting on your computer that you processed a long time ago. I keep all my finished photos in iPhoto and right now I have 100 of them waiting to be posted. Hopefully inspiration will stay high and that number will grow. Enough rambling here is a standard Seattle sunset from the waterfront.

Sunset 473read more about this shot & my other travels at

Go ahead, hang this picture on your wall