The Night Watch- Ruby Beach, WA

This will be my last day posting to the blog for a week, I am headed off to Italy for a much needed vacation. We are landing in Venice, then traveling Cinque Terre & the last destination is Rome. Hopefully there will be some great weather, lots of new pictures, along with some amazing food & lots of wine. If you want to learn some star photography while I’m gone, here are some useful links to do so.

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The Shot
During my last Online Star Photography Post Processing Group Workshop we processed this shot. I really like how it turned out. The night it was taken at Ruby Beach Washington was one of the darkest nights I have ever seen. The Milky Way felt so bright that it seemed to hang right over the ocean.

Journey to the Heavens – Ruby Beach, WA

There are only a few days left to vote for my picture in the Smithsonian Photography Contest Finals. I have pulled into first place and would love to win this thing! Please help me by clicking HERE and voting for my shot which is number 18. After selecting the picture just scroll to the bottom and click submit. You can vote once every 24 hours. 
As for tonight I am just finishing up a few pictures from NYC and packing a bag for Miami. Tomorrow morning I leave for my vacation and Ultra Music Festival, so I’ll be taking a break from posting a picture for the next few days, unless somehow motivation comes through in the wee hours of the morning. If you get bored take a few of my free tutorials provided at :
The Shot
One of my favorite places to shoot star photography is the Olympic Peninsula, there is just something great about the Milky Way combined with water and the beach. I found a small bridge made of logs crossing a stream on Ruby Beach and thought it was cool enough to capture, so here ya go…
Journey to the Heavens - Ruby Beach, WA

The Night Goddess – Ruby Beach, WA

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The Shot
Ruby beach has quickly become one of my favorite places for photography, especially star photography. I’ve been looking for some other star shots from Ruby, but can’t seem to find any. Feel free to share your links to star shots in the comments below!
The Night Goddess - Ruby Beach, WA