We Told You What to Dream – Reykjavic, Iceland

Well it’s that time of month again, the moon is setting as the Milky Way rises and I’m headed out to shoot some stars. It’s always a struggle deciding where to shoot, with so many places, heading one way always makes you feel like your missing out on the other…

The Shot
Touching down in any foreign land is always great, the world is in front of you and nothing stands in the way saying, “No”. Something about that feeling has always intrigued me, Iceland was no different, what an awesome to place to spend a few weeks in the middle of nowhere.
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The Streets of Reykjavik

Just got done driving the Road to Hana and caught one of the best sunsets I have ever seen. WOW what a night…

The Shot
While walking around Reykjavik Iceland I found an outdoor park that served beer and had a dj and on the turntables… pretty sweet spot actually. There was graffiti all over the place, here was one of my favorite captures of fat pig that I usually find ruining all the fun. What started as a few beers and some music eventually turned into a great night of bar hopping. When the sun never sets it’s hard to stop, that being said, Iceland got the best of me.
Pig Boy

After Midnight at the Hallgrimskirkja

When exploring the country of Iceland in the summer months it’s hard to keep a real sleep schedule. There is so much to see, that at times, you just get lost in it all. I took this one in Reykjavik late one night when wandering the city looking for cool things to shoot.
On a side note Royce Blair just did a really cool article on my star photos, you can find it here:
After Midnight at the Hallgrimskirkja