These Stars Align – Picture Lake, WA

From this point on I’ll post a new star shot every Friday. I have so many star shots on the computer that are not processed and about 10 sitting in iPhoto waiting to go online, so let’s get on with it. This weekend is looking pretty good for a trip to the Columbia River Gorge and catch some falls and hopefully not to much rain. On another note, I am still taking reservations for my In the Field Star Photography Workshop, where I’ll teach you exactly how to capture shots like the one below! Have a good weekend everyone, if you wana tune into where I’m traveling & shooting check the On the Road iPhone Photostream!

The Shot
Looking through my pictures files I just released this was the 2nd star photo I ever took, so everything was still in the extreme experimental phase. I still think it turned out pretty cool.
These Stars Align - Picture Lake, WA

Morning in the North Cascades

Picture Lake is great place to catch a sunset, some stars, and then sunrise. I camp right by the lake and lay out watching the stars, grab a few hours of sleep, and wake up for some coffee and the sunrise.
The Shot
With boring skies on my last trip to picture lake what better time to take advantage of some texture blending? I think it works out well in this one.

Picture Lake Sunrise

Dare to Dream

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The Shot
For me this shot is different then most of my star shots, and I think that’s why I like it so much. For me it brings back memories of the summer & warm nights shooting the stars. Sit back relax and enjoy the show…

Dare to Dream