As Paths Crossed & Diverged – San Francisco, California

Went out for a nice sunset shoot in Seattle tonight with my Buddy Aman. The sunset was decent but hopefully we got some good shots of the Aurora bridge, a place that I finally made it to after living in Seattle for the past 2 years. The shot below was processed using some techniques from Jaimie Ibarra, his work is absolutely awesome and his tutorial is great as well.

The Shot
San Francisco’s China town is a blast, during the day, but my favorite time to shoot there is dusk. All of the Chinese style lamps light up and give the city streets an amazing glow. This guys gave a quick glance before going back to his instrument.
As Paths Crossed & Diverged - San Francisco, Californiafrom

Not All That Wander Are Lost – Central Park, NYC

Just got back from a weekend on the Oregon Coast where the weather didn’t play along quite as well as last weekend. We did catch a really awesome moon rise over the water and found an amazing camping spot on the ocean which made up for the lack of nice light.
On another note I have put up the new dates for my Online Star Photography Post Processing Group Workshop, grab a spot or email me with questions:)

The Shot
This classic view from Central Park in New York City was taken early one morning on my last day in the city. You really can’t beat grabbing a coffee and bagel from a street stand and wandering the paths of the park before the sun comes up.
Not All That Wander Are Lost - Central Park, NYCfrom

Goodbye, Blue Sky – Seattle, WA

A bit late on the post today, but sleep was necessary at some point. Does anyone ever stay awake so long that going to sleep doesn’t even sound fun anymore? It’s almost like you just want the adventure to continue once everything starts to feel strange and loopy… or maybe I am just one strange guy!

The Shot
One of my favorite movies over the past few years has been The Wall, by Pink Floyd which you can now watch for free on YouTube. None the less this picture really reminds me of a few scenes that play over and over again throughout the film. If you haven’t seen it, well start watching…

Goodbye, Blue Sky - Seattle, WA