Maui Wowi – Maui, Hawaii

Over the past 9 months I have given a few methods of uploading pictures a try. The first was uploading a picture every week, this got boring. The second was every single day, this was overwhelming, fun, but it lacked quality at times. The third I am working with now, upload a picture whenever I feel like it… ENJOYABLE! Which do you prefer for your own style of photography?
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The Shot
There are a million photos from Maui on the computer that I have not yet even seen. Knowing there are some awesome moments on there can be really fun, down the road I look forward to processing the really REALLY good ones. Here is a fun fisheye shot from a beach where we had way to many drinks… and  even more after that.

Maui Wowi - Maui, Hawaiifrom

While You Were Screaming – The Dalles, WA

I really enjoy light painting and making things look a bit strange at night. After some messing around with different colors and locations you can really start to get some fun results. This is one of the topics I cover in my Summer Star Photography Workshops @ Mount Rainier. If you want to learn, grab a spot by clicking the link:)

The Shot
After some research I was able to pin down the location of this old house in Oregon. It’s really a fun location and there are some other great spots to shoot & explore really close by… I thought this location would be just perfect for the 16mm f/2.8 Fisheye.
While You Were Screaming - The Dalles, WAfrom

The Dream Catcher – Palouse, WA

It feels like I was just posting my last star shot yesterday, but none the less it’s once again star photography Friday, so here ya go. For anyone that has not had the chance to wander through my website, here are all the star photography tutorials I provide. OK that’s it, I’m off to the Oregon Coast, have a great weekend, and feel free to let me know what you think about the shot below:)
The Shot
Over the past few weekends I have had the terrible or maybe awesome habbit of skipping sleep on Friday nights and staying up until late Saturday night, this is normally for the sake of star photography & runs into the need to shoot sunrise. Around 36 hours without sleep is where things start to go wrong, at that point I crash and hope that something like I have provided below is waiting on my camera for the next day… Enjoy! PS: This is the first star photography test run with the 16mm Fisheye