Goodbye, Blue Sky – Seattle, WA

A bit late on the post today, but sleep was necessary at some point. Does anyone ever stay awake so long that going to sleep doesn’t even sound fun anymore? It’s almost like you just want the adventure to continue once everything starts to feel strange and loopy… or maybe I am just one strange guy!

The Shot
One of my favorite movies over the past few years has been The Wall, by Pink Floyd which you can now watch for free on YouTube. None the less this picture really reminds me of a few scenes that play over and over again throughout the film. If you haven’t seen it, well start watching…

Goodbye, Blue Sky - Seattle, WA

The Reckoning – Discovery Park, WA

Really ready for the rain to leave the Pacific Northwest, I am going to lose my mind if I don’t get some sun, camping and photography within the next few days. Being cooped up inside has allowed me to get tons of work done on new tutorials, magazine articles and post processing. Here is my newest video tutorial on Luminosity Masking, and the coupon code (BIG30) for 30% off is still good for one more day!
I am scoping out new ideas for my summer travel list, this weekend Hug Point in Oregon may get a visit, it’s just so hard to decide. Anyone have some ideas I can throw on the list?

The Shot
Another from the beautiful Discovery Park, this sunset was absolutely mind bending, I forgot to take pictures for a bit and just stood there and watched…
The Reckoning - Discovery Park, WA

When Dreams Come True – Seattle, WA

Finding new places to shoot in Seattle is becoming more and more of a challenge. I did manage to find some cool new spots to explore lately, and the wild weather has made for some pretty cool shots. If you want to find these places for yourself you can check out my special photo set on the Stuck on Earth App or head over to Flickr for the Pacific Northwest Top 50 Set which includes all geo-tagged photos from the Northwest. Feel free to add me as a friend while you are over there:)

The Shot
Discovery Park is it’s own little world on the outskirts of Seattle which provides some nature hidden within all the chaos of a fairly big city. In terms of escaping for a few hours, there really isn’t a better place! Here is another fun shot from my Nikkor 16mm Fisheye lens. 

When Dreams Come True - Seattle, WAfrom