Break Water – La Push, WA

The weather if finally turning nice in Seattle, well at least for now. As Thursday rolls around it’s time to make plans for the usual weekend photography trip & I need some ideas for places to shoot. The last 8 weekends have been spent on the roads of the Pacific Northwest capturing shots and camping, so maybe it’s time for a break… Doubt it!

The Shot
Another shot from the Canon 7D which I still think is a great camera, it’s just not D800 great…

Break Water - La Push, WAfrom

Sunset on the Salish Sea – Vancouver, BC

I hope everyone liked the In the Field Video I posted yesterday, I will attempt another one in the near future with the help of someone recording. My newest Online Star Photography Post Processing Group Workshop is filling up fast for the April time slot, if you would like to join us or find out more info check out the page for more details. Other than that all is calm on the home front, I am preparing for another weekend trip to shoot the Olympic Peninsula weather permitting. Is anyone else gonna be out there this weekend that would like to shoot? Drop me a line below maybe we can work something out:)

The Shot
This was one of my first HDR shots that I took while on a weekend trip to Vancouver BC. If you are looking for some fun spots such as this to shoot, head over to my Travel & Adventure Map where the location of nearly every picture is geo-tagged.

Last Rays of Light

As the World Falls Down Around Me – Seattle, WA

Every afternoon as the day creeps towards sunset I find myself wondering if I should go out and take some pictures. The same happens in the early hours of the morning when I’m awake. Sometimes this  nagging feeling that can only be destroyed by making moves…. so on most nights I go out and try to capture something cool.

The Shot
Here is a unique capture of a random man sitting and watching the sunset over the water.

As the World Falls Around Mefrom