Wild World – Cannon Beach, Oregon

It’s been a year and a half now since I took my first Milky Way shot, and around a year since the original version of my Free Star Photography Tutorial was posted online. Until 3 days ago I had never taken a star trail shot or processed one for that matter. On this recent trip I decided those days should end, so star trails it was. After doing a bit of messing around in the field and getting some stuff I liked on the camera and in post processing it’s due time that a star trails section is added to the Free Star Photography Tutorial. After clicking “Publish” on this post I’ll start writing it, so you can look for it in the next day or two, I’ll also provide a link in the next blog post! Just like the current star photography tutorial for Milky Way shots, this will be very in depth and provide everything you need to know.

The Shot
Another morning on Cannon Beach, I thought this one was gonna be a dude, and then…. Thankfully we waited a bit after the sun came up and things started to get a bit more interesting. The one nice thing about this place, no matter how many times you go, there is always something different to shoot or explore. The tides seem to play a huge roll in this and constantly changes the visible landscape. On this particular morning I found this rock and the little tide pool that had formed around it. As usual I took a little walk around the thing to get a glance from all angles and tried to nail down an interesting composition. When the light started to get nice and contrasted the clouds and water I started clicking away. If you look closely at the rock on the right you can see a star fish clinging for his life.

In terms of post processing this was mostly carried out in Lightroom, with some final vignette and contrast adjustments in Photoshop & 10 minutes later the photo was done. This is one advantage of shooting away from the sun. A single RAW files easily does the trick:)
from www.DaveMorrowPhotography.com

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The Rise & Fall – Cannon Beach, OR

We are moving this coming week to a different neighborhood in Seattle. This makes it a great time for me to throw away, donate, or give away nearly everything I own. All my belongings have been condensed down to a camera/computer equipment, a few boxes of clothes, one box of books and a few other random things. It feels great owning only things that are truly necessary. Is there anyone else out there that enjoys living like this?

Aime Ayers was selected as the winner of my Star Photography Workshop Give Away Contest. There were a bunch of really great pictures included. I liked them all so much that a random drawing was necessary to pick the winner. Click here to see Aime’s Picture of the Milky Way.

The Shot
Looking back through the last few posts, it seems there have a been a bunch of H20 shots posted on this website. Well here is another one. I’ll try to give it a break next time… This one was snapped at Cannon Beach sometime last year, not really sure if it was sunset, or rise, but you could check the EXIF if you want to find out. For anyone that didn’t know you can click on any of the pictures and follow them to my SmugMug portfolio. Once there, just click the “i” or info button under the right side of the picture to see the EXIF data.
from www.DaveMorrowPhotography.com

Cannon Blast – Cannon Beach, Oregon

Does anyone else amass an insane amount of emails when they go away for a bit? Normally I can check these once in a while and cut down on the disaster waiting for me upon return, but when overseas without cell phone service all bets are off. None the less, I kinda like responding and sending emails, so this afternoon will be enjoyable, sorting through pictures and doing “online stuff”. That being said, I am back from another amazing trip to Iceland, which may just become a yearly ritual for me:)

The Shot
During the summer my girlfriend Meghan and I often explore the Oregon Coast. This is easily one of our favorite places to lay around and spend the day having a few drinks. Usually I’ll snap off some pictures here and there too.
Cannon Blast - Cannon Beach, Oregonfrom www.DaveMorrowPhotography.com