Dawn on the Blue Lagoon – Iceland

This weekend the moon sets just after midnight Pacific time which means I’ll be out chasing the Milky Way around the Pacific Northwest. There are a few new spots including some old abandon houses that are on the to do list for this weekend, now we just need some clear skies. On a side note you can see some of my favorite places to photograph HERE.

The Shot

I took this around 4 am on my last day in Iceland. Walking around in the middle of no where surrounded by blue water in the early hours of the Icelandic morning is quite a surreal experience

Dawn on the Blue Lagoon - Iceland*read more on my trip at www.DaveMorrowPhotography.com

Dawn on the Blue Lagoon – Iceland

I remember preparing to leave for Iceland, browsing through pictures online & looking for great spots to shoot. These wild pictures of bright blue water would pop up on my laptop and I would think, “No way, that isn’t real!”. Well guess what, it is. I didn’t have a chance to swim in the waters, but did sneak in around 3 am to watch the sunrise, which was much better. Alone in the middle of Iceland watching the sunrise over blue waters, you really can’t beat that.

Dawn on the Blue Lagoon