Journey to the End - New York City, NY | Dave Morrow Photography

Journey to the End - New York City, NY

My online post processing workshop for this Sunday is completely full. I am going to hold one a month just incase you missed this one. There are also some other projects in the plans for anyone that wants to learn about photography.

The Shot
While in NYC I attempted to walk everywhere I went for the entire week without taking a cab. This was a great way to find awesome spots to shoot you don't normally see. Obviously this picture is not a good example. Who knows where this was taken?
Journey to the Endread more on my trip to NYC at


Eleonora Festari said...

I've never been to NYC but it looks like a pic of the Grand Central Station.
Am I right?

David Morrow said...

You got it @facebook-720272292:disqus :)

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