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Friday, March 28, 2014

What Dreams Become - Crater Lake, Oregon

Over the past 2 weeks I've been working on a few projects which include an exclusive / in depth Star Photography Tutorial for PetaPixel & an interview with Astrum People. Make sure you head on over and check them both out when you get a chance.

For anyone else that may be interested my Summer Star Photography Workshops @ Mount Rainier National Park still have a few open spots for August. There are about 5 left so grab one while you still can! Both July workshops are sold out, but you can email me to be placed on the wait list. 

The Shot
My buddy Paul Weeks and I drove from Seattle last Friday night and arrived at Crater Lake around 3AM. This gave us just enough time to snowshoe out for some predawn and sunrise shots. The next day we ended up hiking a few more miles and from www.DaveMorrowPhotography.comRead the full blogpost here --> http://www.davemorrowphotography.com/2014/03/what-dreams-become-crater-lake-oregon.html
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Monday, March 17, 2014

Solace - Xingping, China

After a month intermission from the website, internet and business side of photography I'm back in action. There's nothing better than a nice long break to clear the mind. Over the break I was fortunate enough to visit Norway, Sweden, New York City, and Oregon.

The main goal of visiting Norway and Sweden was to step foot inside the Arctic Circle and see the Northern Lights. To do so we Flew into Kiruna, Sweden and rented a car. From there we took 10 days and drove over 2000 miles around the Fjords and into Norway. Due to a stagnant weather system with clouds that constantly followed us we kept an eye on the weather, finally finding some clear skies and the Aurora. Out of the entire trip we were able to see the light 3 times, all of which had some pretty nice activity.

I've included a few "snapshots" that I took while traveling below as well as a video. Currently the portfolio shots are in work and I'll be posting a few in the coming weeks.

Beautiful Sunset in the Arctic
Sunset in Northern Norway
Coastal Mountains, Norway
Foggy Afternoon along the Norwegian Coastline
69 degrees North, Norway
Massive Peaks at 68 Degrees North
Reine, Norway
Reine Norway
Shooting Above Hong Kong
A Random Shot the Paul Weeks Just Gave Me. Taken in Hong Kong

The Shot
After returning from my trips I was really to get back on the computer and start post processing some shots. This shot comes from one of the best places I've ever traveled to, Xingping, China. We set out early one morning while it was still dark to take some shots of the fisherman at sunrise. After venturing up the Lijiang River in the dark/mist/rain the sun popped out for a few seconds and allowed us time to get some good shots.

Monday, February 3, 2014

A Path to the Stars - Alvord Desert, Oregon

The first month of 2014 has flown bye already. Hopefully everyone's new years resolutions are going ok. I don't really do the resolution thing, but I do constantly make notes and provide myself with short term goals and long term strategies on accomplishing everything that I want to get done.

One of my short term goals has been to stay away from the social media self centered brag fest ( minus sharing a picture here and there and answering a few questions ) and work more on new projects, trip planning and helping others to learn more about photography and accomplishing what they want to with their art. It's been great so far and helped to provide a major increase in creative/unique thinking patterns which I felt were being drowned out for a while.

After taking a step back and looking in from a distance many people seem to be "sharing" all of their awards  / accomplishments ( bragging rights ) which they have received. Many will spend their entire life running faster and faster chasing the goals conceived by others, while leaving their own wonderful thoughts and ideas by the wayside; their dreams slowly drowned by the overpowering hum of the internet's definition of "GREAT".

I've done this, we all do this, maybe it's just human nature, or maybe it's something that will dominate more and more as we're increasingly digitally connected to one another at all times. Just keep in mind that any accomplishment you may be chasing was derived from the brain of another person just like you. So why not create something new, why not be different?

I write a lot lately, just jots here and there with thoughts that my brain constructs from watching myself and others on a daily basis... so here is a quick one I wrote for everyone, or maybe just for myself. Take a second to sit back and think about it, maybe it's for you as well.

Allowing society to cripple your creativity with pre-defined awards ( bragging rights ) and place an established value on the beauty you create is giving away your path to the stars, to your dreams, and most of all your path to create something new, something beautiful, something that can not be defined by words, actions or ideas that the human mind has already conceived. -Dave Morrow

On to another quick topic, I did a quick solo trip to the Olympic Peninsula this weekend and explored Rialto and Shi Shi Beaches. Here is a quick video from Rialto that I recorded just after sunrise. You can hear the birds chirping if you listen closely. Once it's playing click the little gear at the bottom of the video for 1080P best quality.

Just Before Sunset @ Point of Arches Washington / Nexus 5

The Shot
I spent 3 days out in the playa of Alvord Desert last year. Mostly just sitting around, reading, drinking some beer and relaxing, with sunrise, sunset and the night hours set aside for taking pictures. It's a great place to be to clear your mind and think about random stuff that may not pop up with the everyday nonstop thought patterns of life... It's nice out there & they have some awesome dark skies!

Monday, January 27, 2014

Spirit Dance - Lost Lake, Oregon

I've come to realize that not nearly enough night photos have been posted to this website lately. I have a huge stash pile of unprocessed night shots on my computer, but really got sucked into post processing landscape photos lately and working on a few new workflows that go along with them.

In regards to night photography, has anyone traveled to Sweden to shoot the Aurora? I've been researching Abisko National Park there and it looks down right amazing. Just looking for any insider tips that anyone may have. I've pretty much got the whole thing scoped out, but it never hurts to grab a few tips from others before a trip.

The Shot
I made two trips to lost lake this past summer. The second attempt was too late in the year for any Milky Way action over Mount Hood, but it did yield some light aurora / air glow color around the horizon. I messed around with the ISO settings as much as I could to capture a bunch of "reflective light" in the water. Usually for star shots without the Milky Way I tend to keep the ISO much lower, but this time a high ISO setting yielded so much more star light in the water.
from www.DaveMorrowPhotography.com

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

A Place We Call Home - Alvord Desert, Oregon

I've been attempting to bring new topics to the table with each blog post and adding a little bit of what I know and even including some resources I used to find this information. This week I want to touch a bit on data / computer backup. No matter who you are ( photographer or not ) if you've got important data on your computer of any kind, being finances, family pictures, photography portfolios and so on it's very important that you back this data up. Even the best hard drives and best computers in the world fail at times. Unfortunately a single bad hard drive or disk failure and you've lost everything... most likely forever. That's where a good backup solution comes in.

I backup in a few different ways to cover all my bases. First there is at home backup which is done in my actual office. To do so I use (2) 6TB Western Digital Hard Drives which mirror ( are a direct copy of one another ) each other. You can do this with any size hard drive, I just chose to use big hard drives since I have a lot of data to store now and in the future. If you don't have a lot of data right now, hold off on a huge hard drive, since they do get much cheaper each year.

My personal preference for running this mirror back up is Mac's Time Machine which works really well. It actually allows you to jump back to a certain point/date in your computer's life and restore anything and everything that you had at that point. You can restore it all or just restore selective parts. This could include settings, files, and anything else that is possible to screw up. If I ever make a mistake I can revert to how things were in the past. My computer is currently setup to backup once a day on my home storage drives.

In lieu of mirror backups which require you to have double the amount of hard drive space as data you wish to back up there are also other disk configurations that do save you a small bit of space when backing HUGE amounts of data. These are known as RAID backup configurations. After reading up on these I decided the good old mirror back up was good enough for me at this point. But depending on your situation ( especially for time lapse photographers ) you may want to look into this.

The next line of back up I use is Crash Plan which is an unlimited online backup solution. The current plan I use costs around 5$ a month and allows for unlimited backup of your data. You can determine how often you would like Crash Plan to back up the files on your computer and even specify which files you do and don't want to backup. Personally I just have them backup my entire computer. 

If you decide to use Crash Plan and have a large amount of data to initially backup you will need to order a Seed Drive which costs a few extra bucks. In my case I had 2 TB of data which would have taken 40 days to upload to the Crash Plan Servers using high speed internet, so a faster more efficient Seed Drive was necessary. Once you order this drive Crash Plan sends you a hard drive in the mail which they claim to hold 1TB ( I found it to be more like 1.3TB ), you in turn put as much data from your computer on this hard drive as you can and send it back to them. After a few days it's on their servers. Now all you have to do is turn on the Crash Plan Program on your computer, now it only took a day for me to fully back up all my remaining data to their servers. From there on out it's all automatic and on their cloud.

In the case of a fire, robbery, or any other freak accident, all my data is now on the Crash Plan servers and backed up each night via high speed internet.

That pretty much covers my entire backup plan making sure that I never lose any sort of data no matter what problems may come at me. It seems like a lot of work, but is always well worth the cost.

If you want to see how I backup and store data in a very safe yet minimal way while on the road check out my post on Using Your Nexus 10 or Nexus 7 to Transfer Picture Files from Your Camera's Memory Card to an External Hard Drive.

The Shot
I've recently been going through my shots from this past year and stumbled across the Alvord Desert Album. I almost forgot about these pictures, which is funny since they are some of my favorites from the year. This particular night the sunset early and the Milky Way was bright by 8PM. I saw some clouds starting to roll in so it was time to get as much shooting done as possible before clouds encompassed the desert. After taking 15 or 20 different night sky compositions there was no longer any view of the stars or even the sky for that matter. This was one of my favorites from the nite. If you're interested in learning how I post processed or took this shot head on over to www.LearnStarPhotography.com for my Free Star Photography Tutorial and Star Photography Post Processing Video Tutorial.

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