Really Right Stuff Tripod, Ball Head & L-Bracket Review

A few months back I took a leap of faith and made an investment in Really Right Stuff products. Here is what I got:

BH-55 LR Ballhead 
TVC-34L Versa Series 3 Tripod 
BD800-L: L-Plate for Nikon D800/800E

If you are going to buy a ballhead and tripod the package deal will save you some money.

So what do I think about these products? So far I am blown away by the top notch quality and customer service. If you have any questions about the products RRS will answer them right away. You always deal with a real person at the other end of the line.

Let’s start with the the ball head. It is easy to use, has 3 adjustable knobs and the ability to turn in any direction. The strength of this thing is amazing as well, it handles the Nikkor 14-14mm wide angle lens with no issues and could easily hold a lot more weight. I decided to go with the L-Bracket attachment for the head which easily grips my Nikon D800 L-Bracket. This set up gives unprecedented control over my camera and compositions.

The carbon fiber legs of this tripod are amazing and sturdy as well. RRS did not take any short cuts when laying up this composite. It is strong and can beat out any weather conditions you may throw in front of it.

Depending on the model of your RRS tripod each of the leg segments extends with an easy twist. Mine came with (3) extendable segments and can reach up to 72″ inches tall with ball head included.
Here is a close up view of the “twist to extend” length control devices at the end of each composite leg.

The last notable features are the multiple configuration leg angle adjustments. Each adjustment is spring loaded for ease of use. Each leg can be adjusted separately which allows the tripod to operate in nearly any situation and any angle. 
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  • csafotography

    Great info Dave. I myself am looking for a Tripod. I am thinking of Manfrotto, the lower end version, unfortunately that is the only thing that I can afford right now :(

  • Dave Morrow

    That will work just fine;)

  • David Morrow

    That will work just fine;)

  • JeffT

    I agree with Chris. Really Right Stuff tripods are way overrated (and overpriced). Got a TVC 34L after I bought the TVC44. Why did I have to change? Because the TVC 44 is for video, but nowhere is it written on their website. My camera was stuck between the legs when I used the drop-notch of my ball-head, because the apex plate of the TVC44 is too large.

    So I had to ship it back for exchange through Customs, with the extra cost involved, and believe it or not, they shipped me a used TVC 34L at full price!! How do I know it was a used one? Because of the blue stuff you have to put in the legs hinge joints when you get your tripod. Mine had dried Vibra-Tite in there, which means the tripod had been used before… What a bunch of jerks…

    And as Chris said, legs are just badly designed. When you fold them back, there is no stop notch, so if you don’t fold all of them at the same time, one leg can keep folding between the two others. Soooo annoying…

    If I had to buy again, I would never buy Really Right Stuff.