Endless – Vik, Iceland

Do any of you Nikon D800 owners get a bunch of strangely colored pixels when you take long exposure ( 30 seconds+ ) + high ISO star shots? I have been seeing a bunch showing up in the lower ( foreground ) part of my Milky Way shots. Checking back to some older shots from last year I did not notice the issue… Interesting.

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The Shot
For all you world travelers out there, if you ever decide to head over to Iceland and want to avoid the Rain and nasty weather, stay away from Vik. It seems to be raining there every time I drive through, on the other hand it’s an awesome town that I highly suggest everyone visit. The black sand beaches and beautiful fog are worth your while. I like driving through this part of Iceland late at night when the weather is really moving around and the ocean waves are rising and falling just over the hill you can see in the distance.

Post Processing Info ( Grab some discount codes to the programs below at bottom of About Me Page )
Processing Time: 15 minutes
  1. Single Exposure at -1EV / f/11 / 1/6th of a second / ISO 100
  2. Adjust RAW file in LR4 bringing out shadow details and highlights along with a small increase in vibrancy and decrease in saturation.
  3. Export to JPEG.

Photoshop CS5

  1. Midtones curves adjustment & bright highlights curves adjustment
  2. Sharpen & noise reduction using Nik Software
  3. DONE!

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Lost Worlds – Vik, Iceland

Driving through Iceland with a camera is a really tough task. First off you need to have enough self control not to stop and take pictures every few seconds, don’t fall in to this trap, you will never see everything you want to:) Second of all, there are sheep all over the place, and third, well it’s probably some strange hour of the night, at least during the summer months. All in all this is what some people such as myself call fun. 
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Two weeks left to enter my Free Star Photography Workshop Give Away Contest. HELLO it’s free:)
A few new updates and links added to the Free Star Photography Tutorial, as well as a cool upload and sharing feature for you to share your star shots.
Two spots left in my Star Photography Workshops for the entire summer.
The Shot
Right before I went to meet up with Conor MacNeill Greg Annandale, Meghan and I were driving top speeds through Southern Iceland chasing the sunset as some call it. For a while such strange beauty was happening that it was hard to shoot, let alone function. None the less we got outta there with some awesome shots. At least I think so! PS: Check out Conor & Greg’s websites linked above, both very inspirational photographers in my opinion.
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The Triad – Vík, Iceland

Topaz Labs is having a sale right now, you can get their entire bundle for 100$ dollars off the list price. I really like their stuff, and find it to add a much needed flair to some of the shots posted on this website. I used a few of the presets and blended them in on the shot below. You can click through HERE, and use the coupon code july4 when checking out to get the discount:)
I spent my afternoon doing some odds & ends as well as planning an upcoming China trip for the fall. Beijing, Hong Kong and Guilin look like awesome places to explore & snap some pictures along the way.

The Shot
Just getting back from Iceland last week, it seems like a good time to bust out pictures from my previous trip. Here is one from the quaint town of Vik which lies on the Southern Coast of the island.
The Triad - Vík, Icelandfrom www.DaveMorrowPhotography.com