Impending Doom – Seattle, WA

Wow what a weekend in the Pacific Northwest, the weather was absolutely perfectly, especially for star photography  I made a trip down to Oregon & the Mount Hood Region to capture the Milky Way, along the way we were able to make the hikes to Dry Creek Falls and Tamanawas Falls, both well worth the 4-5 mile round trip hikes. I have also added the newest date for my Online Star Photography Post Processing Group Workshops, so grab a spot:)

The Shot
Sometimes the weather here in Seattle gets a bit funky, at times it’s absolutely amazing for photography. Here is a shot from Kerry park, looking the oposite directly that most people normally do.
Impending Doom - Seattle, WA

Goodbye, Blue Sky – Seattle, WA

A bit late on the post today, but sleep was necessary at some point. Does anyone ever stay awake so long that going to sleep doesn’t even sound fun anymore? It’s almost like you just want the adventure to continue once everything starts to feel strange and loopy… or maybe I am just one strange guy!

The Shot
One of my favorite movies over the past few years has been The Wall, by Pink Floyd which you can now watch for free on YouTube. None the less this picture really reminds me of a few scenes that play over and over again throughout the film. If you haven’t seen it, well start watching…

Goodbye, Blue Sky - Seattle, WA

I Cover the Waterfront – Alki Beach, WA

Sometimes I hold on to photos forever before posting them or even processing them, such as the ones from my Maui trip in December. Others for some reason or another get processed right away like the shot posted tonight. I love going back through old photos, especially if their lost and forgotten at the point, then processing them. I’ll leave you with a long exposure “How To” video I made while taking the shot posted below. It includes some tips for extremely sharp images. You can find all my free videos HERE on YouTube! After posting a nature and city picture back to back I may as well give you the best of both worlds… Enjoy!

The Shot
Once in a while I get enough time to venture over to Alki Beach. Sitting around the house wide awake last week around 5 AM, I decided I had nothing better to do than stay up til sunrise. It ended up being well worth the long night and the sunrise was amazingly colorful. 

I Cover the Waterfront - Alki Beach, WAfrom