Last Dawn – Brooklyn, New York

Those long weekends always roll by way to fast, don’t they? I did get the chance to visit the infamous Mossy Grotto Falls this weekend. Everyone complains about the tough hike, but it kinda reminded me of being a kid again and rolling around in the mud, not all that bad:) On another note, has anyone gotten the invite for the updated Google Maps yet? It is down right awesome, but I am a maps addict, so there may be some bias there.

On a side note, I process the exact shot seen below in my Luminosity Masking Video Tutorial, grab a copy now:)

The Shot
Let’s go back to the Big Apple for a bit with a sunrise from the Brooklyn Bridge. Something about those huge cables holding the thing together really helps to make any picture pop. Thankfully I had some help in the composition department, my brain was fried from walking around the city since 2 AM. 
Last Dawn - Brooklyn, New Yorkfrom

The Second Coming – Manhattan, New York

And….. I’m back in action after a much needed break. After relaxing for a few days I realized how much stuff I actually wanted to get done.  Some of this energy was used on post processing, but most was used on the new website which is coming along really nicely. I did sell two more spots to my Star Photography Workshops, which leaves a total of 4 remaining for the entire summer. If you have been thinking about it now would be the time to buy.

The Shot
This morning is still vivid in my mind. After catching a train from Philly and arriving in the Big Apple around 2AM on a Tuesday morning I walked the streets taking pictures until sunrise. After a beautiful sunrise on the bridge I snapped off this shot walking back to my hotel. In terms of processing I have a few new tricks up my sleeve, hopefully they reflect in this shot…

The Second Coming - Manhattan, New Yorkfrom

New Dawn – Manhattan, New York

I put in another 8 hours of web design today, things are starting to come along a little bit for such a steep learning curve. Even though it’s a huge paint I am actually enjoying all the stuff that goes along with the project.
There were two more signups for my In the Field Star Photography Workshops today, find out more by clicking the link or heading over to the workshops banner on the right hand side bar. I think there are only 7 left total, which will most likely sell out within 3 weeks at this rate…

The Shot:
I got on a kick of posting shots of NYC lately, but the best is yet to come. This shot on the other hand I still find really cool.
New Dawn - Manhattan, New Yorkfrom