The Hidden Grotto – Ruckel Creek, OR

Just walked in the door from an awesome trip to the East Coast. I was able to explore Philly and catch a great sunset or two as well as spend some time with my family, which is always really nice. This coming weekend is the start of my Star Photography Workshop season. The June workshops are completely sold out, but you can still grab a spot in the July 12th, or July 13th workshop, there are only 2 spots left so act quickly. Full details here on my Summer Star Photography Workshops Page.

The Shot
Mossy Grotto falls as some call it is an amazing fall a few miles up the Ruckel Creek Trailhead. It will take some exploring to find, but I consider the adventure to be well worth it. Many people like to leave early and catch this fall in the morning, I took this shot around 7:30PM and things still seemed to work out OK. Just make sure you have a headlamp if you climb up that way at night, because it gets dark pretty quickly in the dense forest…

The Hidden Garden – Butchart Gardens, Victoria

A new website is in the works which will basically have everything that is currently offered here and some extras… At this point I’m not sure how long it will take but one day soon you will visit my website to find it has a brand new feel:)

The Shot
I went up to Victoria BC a while back and wandered through Buchart Gardens which is quite a cool place to take some pics if you are ever in the area. On the other hand you could go there without a camera and have just as much fun:)
The Hidden Garden - Butchart Gardens, Victoriafrom

Avenues & Alleyways – Victoria, BC

When it comes to photography I love the post processing part just as much as taking the picture, maybe even more. There is something compelling about taking a vision or inspiration and bringing it to life on the computer screen. I like to mix it up a bit bringing somewhat of a “dream world” into some of my photos. Here are a few things you could add to your pictures in Photoshop to really bring them to life. These options may not always work, but in certain cases they sure do make the picture pop. This is just the tip of the iceberg, you can find all the options I use at
1) Selective Color
2) Glow / Diffusion
3) the Orton Effect
4) Selective Sharpening

The Shot
Walking around Victoria BC in the early hours of the morning I found some really cool spots to shoot in Chinatown. This is the famous Fan Tan Alley which leads into some small nooks and crannies that wind through the city.
Avenues & Alleyways - Victoria, BC