Dawn on the Blue Lagoon - Iceland | Dave Morrow Photography

Dawn on the Blue Lagoon - Iceland

This weekend the moon sets just after midnight Pacific time which means I'll be out chasing the Milky Way around the Pacific Northwest. There are a few new spots including some old abandon houses that are on the to do list for this weekend, now we just need some clear skies. On a side note you can see some of my favorite places to photograph HERE.

The Shot

I took this around 4 am on my last day in Iceland. Walking around in the middle of no where surrounded by blue water in the early hours of the Icelandic morning is quite a surreal experience
Dawn on the Blue Lagoon - Iceland*read more on my trip at www.DaveMorrowPhotography.com


Sandra Platner Bassin said...

Again, David leaves us breathless as we view the world through his eyes. Enjoy this view of Iceland through his lens.

Valeria said...

yet anoher stunning shot !! you make me whant to go home now :( kinda wish i could ,i have been thinking about it now for days :) who knows

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