Avenues & Alleyways – Victoria, BC

When it comes to photography I love the post processing part just as much as taking the picture, maybe even more. There is something compelling about taking a vision or inspiration and bringing it to life on the computer screen. I like to mix it up a bit bringing somewhat of a “dream world” into some of my photos. Here are a few things you could add to your pictures in Photoshop to really bring them to life. These options may not always work, but in certain cases they sure do make the picture pop. This is just the tip of the iceberg, you can find all the options I use at www.DaveMorrowPhotography.com/learnphotography.
1) Selective Color
2) Glow / Diffusion
3) the Orton Effect
4) Selective Sharpening

The Shot
Walking around Victoria BC in the early hours of the morning I found some really cool spots to shoot in Chinatown. This is the famous Fan Tan Alley which leads into some small nooks and crannies that wind through the city.
Avenues & Alleyways - Victoria, BCread more at www.DaveMorrowPhotography.com