Planning for New Places

I have a few trips coming up and I always find it hard to sit down and actually plan where I want to shoot. Knowing me, a day or two before take off all the plans will be smashed into a reckless night of internet browsing…. Stuck on Earth and Flickr are always a big help, does anyone recommend any other photography tools?
I just put together a fun list of toys and gadgets over on my Gears, Gadgets & Other Good Stuff page. Hopefully it will help you find some fun stuff, it’s also idea for Christmas shopping;)
The Shot
I snapped this one off as some nasty storm clouds rolled in over the Puget Sound. A few minutes later I was running full speed for the car.

Out to Sea

Gadgets, Gear & Other Good Stuff

Along with a love for travel I also really enjoy tech toys, camera gear and all sorts of different interesting devices. Below I proved a list of fun stuff that is extremely helpful or just flat out fun. If the product is on this page then trust me, I really like it!

There is also a nice list of the gear I use on the What’s in My Camera Bag Page of this website.

You can find all my tutorials at:

I did not include my tripod or ball head in this list, but my Really Right Stuff Tripod & Ballhead Review will give you everything you need:)

I use tons of software when I process photos & two of my favorites are Topaz Labs or HDR Soft the Makers of Photomatix. If you would like a discount when purchasing either of these packages just use the coupon code DAVEMORROWPHOTO when checking out to receive 15% off:) You can use the same code to receive a 10% discount from anything at the Stuck in Customs Store. Most of these packages have Free Trial Versions so I urge you to give them a run before buying!

Interested in the cameras or lenses listed below? Check out the following links:
Camera Reviews
Lens Reviews


The Photographer’s Apprentice

Sitting here at Panera Bread writing this blog post and waiting to take my Macbook Pro over to the Apple store for some work, I foresee trouble in my near future. First off leaving the Apple store without a new toy(s) is next to impossible for me. Secondly, REI is in clear view of all these places. Hopefully I will escape before going broke…
If you missed it, here is my last blog post including the new Post Processing Workflow Video Tutorial!
The Shot
This is a massive pano comprised of 6 different shots taken with my Nikkor 14-24mm f/2.8G lens, which equates to a massive amount of megapixels. The mountain in the background is Mount Rainier, which reflects into Reflection Lakes, imagine that. Upon completion the photo is 226 Megapixels and more than 125MB in size. If you look closely you can see my “moon” shadow on the bottom lefthand side.
The Photographer's Apprentice